Kel-Tec KSG adjustable black stainless skeletonized trigger kit

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The W engineering adjustable skeletonized trigger is designed to be a drop in replacement for the Kel-Tec KSG factory plastic trigger.

316 Stainless Steel (QPQNITRIDE )
Improved trigger movement with lateral reduced play (precision pivot)
Fully adjustable over-travel and reset
Reduced trigger guard clearance


1 review for Kel-Tec KSG adjustable black stainless skeletonized trigger kit

  1. Steve P

    I purchased this stainless trigger along with a few other cool add-ons awhile back, then finally got an opportunity to spend some time on my KSG. After installing the trigger I found the feel was very different than the OE. Must be the overall physical shape, squared off compared to the rounded OE. I like it, to me it gives the feel of a larger gun. It’s obviously not the case, it just adds a sence of realism to me.

    The instructions could used more detailed and larger pictures but if your into gun tinkering, this should satisfy any craving for that sort of thing and leave you with a real feeling of accomplishment in the end.

    I watched a YouTube video on the OE KSG trigger assembly, when the guy in the video says springs and things don’t go flying when the two halves come apart, don’t believe a word of it. There were plenty of weird shaped parts that arbitrary fell to the bench. Honestly, it took a good hour and a half to figure out how everything went back and and worked in conjunction together. After careful consideration that both halfs were ready to bolt back together, all parts lined up and present, (or so I thought…) I proceeded to snap the halves back as they should put two bolts in near the trigger area then proceeded to try it out. It worked flawlessly! Until I look down on the bench and saw the pump override lever spring sitting there looking all innocent, it was laughing at me! So apart it went, but the amazing thing was, it only took 7 minutes to do what took me an hour and a half moments ago. The moral of this story is pay a qualified gun smith to do this install if you have little or no tolerance for tinkering…

    Is it worth $75.00? I’ll answer that with a question. Is a high end car worth 7 figures?

    After I sent that spring home, reassembled it, I was happy!

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